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At Heinrich Knievel - we have provided personalised, customer-orientated service and quality for over 80 years.

Our numerous clients, which include hospitals, senior citizen residences and nursing homes, doctor's surgeries and industrial businesses such as shipyards, shipping companies, laundries as well as hotels and restaurants in Germany and Europe, value our professional wear and innovative textiles.

Heinrich Knievel's product range includes linen and towels, table linen and sun blinds as well as corporate wear.

Knievel - so that you look great at work!

Knievel - so that you look great at work!
In our product range you will find a variety of professional clothing that demands quality, functionality and comfort as well as high quality casual wear which we would like to show you.

Every customer can immediately take advantage of enormous savings, perfect service and competent consulting. We are the multi-specialist for business wear.

We are the multi-specialist for business wear.

Knievel - so that you look great at work!
"If you take a closer look at Heinrich Knievel, you will quickly recognize that our business wear is always a step ahead of the competition - ahead in quality, ahead in innovation, ahead in standards of fashion and ahead in comfort. All of this makes a small yet essential difference, something which every professional can experience with our products on a daily basis," says Rainer Kibbel, Managing Director of Heinrich Knievel, Kiel.

More and more clients decide to create their own uniform from "Knievel Corporate Wear" to distinguish themselves from their competitors. They stand out with embroidered or imprinted company names and logos on, for example, shirts and polo shirts.

We are the right partner for equipping your company!

Knievel - so that you look great at work!

A small, but important difference: As a specialist in textiles we are always a step ahead - namely in functionality, looks, and quality - feel this difference, experience Heinrich Knievel!